Why ??

i don't know why. my mark so bad. very bad i think. :(
when there is a middle exam i didn't reach my target which i eager to be big 10
oh god please forgive me if i have mistake with other people.
i have studied with maximal till i didn't touch my notebook and my phone
i still silly. i think i just lack of pray. :(
if you know guys my mark on the competitive test so bad that my fave lesson i'm still under kkm.
maybe i will open my notebook once a week and always pray and study.
so i hope that my national examination get good mark and i can continous at my dream SHS.
exactly padmanaba or sman 3 jogja. it is miserable if i can't be the student of it.
so begin of today i'll fighting to be diligent . :)

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