how the hell is this?

feeling desperate? i guess all of u ever felt this. and now i feel this. desperate. yaaaaaaaaaa DESPERATE. i'm never felt like this before. till my tears drop from my eyes. many times i tried to move but so hard to changes. frustases, surely. maybe this is my first <3 . but i'm wondering if this in my first <3 so what i called with my beloved before? ex.
he is just my crush nothing more. but it leaving pain. he's never hurt, but act likely kill me now. i try to talk to my friends but their face just showed that they laughing. then i chat with someone i don't know where's from. but he's know me so well. many drugs can't heal my pain right now. just food maybe(?)
this is sucks love story ever! and i hope i can heal it faster.cz need long time to moving on ;)
sorry kalau ga suka sama kegalauan gue xoxo *curcol
girl nya anggep aja boy ;P