Lovely Idol in the Football

hey .. i love football but i can't play it.. so i just have my idol.. my idol just a little than the members of world cup.. country the support by me are Germany, Espana and Netherland :)

lovely picture from Podolski and Schweinteiger
and i also like him.. Thomas Muller from Germany
Cesc Fabregas from Espana
Huntelar from Netherland
Ozil from Germany

he is van persie .. i like him because he has good playing for netherland.. :D
he is miroslav klose.. he was get a top scorer on the World Cup 2006 from Germany
he is david villa .. a striker from espana and i like him soooo much
he is Bastian Schweinteiger. he from Germany
and he is Lucas Podolski.. i like his playing .. i don't know why :)

do the best guys .. :)

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